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The town of Loano offers infinite routes to discover art and culture. The presence on the territory of the Romans is evidenced, among other things, by a mosaic floor of the third century, now preserved in Palazzo Doria. On the hill of S.Damiano, where were found traces of the earliest human presence on the territory, is possible to visit the church dedicated to SS. Cosma and Damiano (1070).
Borgo Castello, of medieval architecture, maintains its central square overlooked by balconies and arches, from where start cobblestone lanes and a staircase with long steps leading up to the foot of the castle.
Loano preserves a historic center of considerable interest among the best Liguria preserved monuments, with great public works created by Doria family: Palazzo Doria, now Town Hall, Palazzo del Comandante, the surrounding wall and the church of N.S. della Misericordia, now convent of Augustinian Brothers, which is a valuable '500 art gallery.
And yet, on the hill "Costino" in Borgo Castello, stands Monte Carmelo, which is one of the most interesting work of late Ligurian Mannerism. The clock tower - symbol of the town – was built in Eighteenth-century

Sea, beach, hills, gardens. But not only. Near Loano there is a whole world to discover. The center of Toirano houses the Ethnographic Museum of the Valley Varatella, which tells the story of the ancient village crafts.
But Toirano is well-known for its 70 limestone caves that have amazing and spectacular effects thanks to stalactites and stalagmites of every kind and very rare specimens of cave bear and prehistoric man.
Equally striking are the caves of Borgio Verezzi, that differ for bright red and yellow tone color created by iron minerals.

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